Labor & Design Costs
Full-Service Weddings

Choosing AD Florals as a preferred vendor means it's all covered. Wedding flowers involve a tremendous of time and energy from the moment you're booked. Here's the full-service experience AD Florals provides:


    Consultations, phone calls, texts, emails, proposals, invoices, mood board designs, flower sourcing, supply orders, spreadsheets, research and venue walkthroughs.


    The week before the wedding, the AD Floral team makes the 4 AM journey to the flower market to pick up your entire order...tons of boxes full of fresh blooms are picked up and transported back to the design studio.


    After your flowers are sourced, they're unloaded from the delivery van and unboxed. Flowers are removed from its plastic and cardboard packaging. Stems are stripped of leaves, trimmed and placed into containers of fresh water treated for max hydration in a cool place.


    This is the magic of arranging all of your flowers and greenery into the arrangements requested for your personals, ceremony and reception. Starting this step one (1) week prior to your wedding ensures your flowers are fully-bloomed and look visually-attractive for gorgeous photos.


    The AD Floral team packs the van to deliver your personal flowers as well as transporting ceremony/reception flowers to the venue. Includes on-site design, staff/freelancers, keeping set-up areas clean/tidy and sticking to itinerary.


    After your reception concludes and the last guest departs, the AD Floral team returns to pick up all rental items, remove unwanted flowers, ensures the venue is tidy/clean, packs van and returns to studio to off load.